EECS 280 Asynchronous Lectures

James Juett, The University of Michigan

Welcome! Here you'll find links to Prof. Juett's "asynchronous" EECS 280 lectures.

Asynchronous lectures include the same material as regular lectures, broken down into short videos with interactive exercises for you to practice and confirm your understanding.

I believe this is a great way to engage with the material! (It's not just for those who can't make it to the live lecture times.) You can set your own pace and reread/rewatch any part you like. Working through the exercises is a very active way to learn - listening to me only goes so far, and you're the biggest factor in your learning.

Mon Aug 28 1 Introduction and Machine Model
Wed Aug 30 2 Procedural Abstraction, Testing and Debugging
Mon Sep 4 No Class - Labor Day
Wed Sep 6 3 Pointers
Mon Sep 11 4 Pointers and Arrays
Wed Sep 13 5 Compound Objects
Mon Sep 18 6 Strings, Streams, and IO
Wed Sep 20 7 Abstract Data Types in C
Mon Sep 25 8 Abstract Data Types in C++
Wed Sep 27 9 Derived Classes and Inheritance
Mon Oct 2 10 Polymorphism
Wed Oct 4 11 Container ADTs I
Mon Oct 9 12 Container ADTs II
Wed Oct 11 13 Memory Models and Dynamic Memory
Mon Oct 16 No Class - Fall Break
Wed Oct 18 14 Managing Dynamic Memory
Mon Oct 23 15 Deep Copies and The Big Three
Wed Oct 25 16 Linked Lists
Mon Oct 30 No Class - Midterm Exam
Wed Nov 1 17 Iterators
Mon Nov 6 18 Function Objects and Impostor Syndrome
Wed Nov 8 19 Recursion and Tail Recursion
Mon Nov 13 20 Structural Recursion
Wed Nov 15 21 Binary Search Trees and Maps
Mon Nov 20 No Class
Wed Nov 22 No Class -Thanksgiving Break
Mon Nov 27 22 Exceptions
Wed Nov 29 Pathways in Computing Panel Discussion (Live Lectures Only)
Mon Dec 4 No Class
Wed Dec 6 No Class